Artistically Certified

Artistic Carton Company has always been concerned with the quality of our cartons and making sure that they meet the specific needs of our customers. This is why we take our ISO Certification very seriously. From structural design and estimating, to production, and fulfillment of your order, our ISO process will document every pertinent step. Our certification is audited annually, and each year we improve our process, adding documentation to meet the growing awareness for health and safety standards. These new improvements also include changes that allow us to keep delivering packaging that helps our customers stand out from their competition in a truly Artistic way.

Managing your Materials

Many of our customers have approached us with a simple request: Can Artistic Carton Company help us manage our materials? Without hesitation our answer is YES. Artistic Carton has several offerings when it comes to inventory management. In some cases, we simply produce cartons at a larger quantity, and hold in our warehouses until it’s required by our customers. In other cases, we completely manage our customer’s carton inventory. Our goal is to make sure boxes are available when needed. In order to meet this demand, we use past history, projected usages, and mutually agreed upon inventory levels. This helps us manage our production process, and gives our customers a sense of security knowing that there needs will be met.

Technology that Speaks

The term EDI is often mentioned in today’s business world, as a way to help manage the flow of information in a more efficient way. With the amount of communication required on each individual project, good technology is important. At Artistic Carton we use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to share data with our customers. From looking at our customer’s upcoming carton needs, to providing our customers with up to date inventory levels for each of their cartons, we use EDI as a way to communicate. Additionally, EDI is used by many of our customers for placing purchase orders and contracts, issuing releases from inventory, receiving invoices, and submitting payment. Artistic Carton likewise provides acknowledgment of orders, notifications for the completion of orders, advanced shipping notifications, and billing. All this will the stroke of a few keys.

Seamless Transitions

Making changes to your supply chain is never an easy decision, but it can be seamless if you choose the right business partner. Our goal is to be that business partner, and to bring unforeseen value to your decision to choose Artistic Carton.

Whether it’s a new package that requires structural design efforts, or an existing package, our sales and service team will guide you through the process of implementation or transition. Internally, we put together a team to evaluate all steps of transition, map out timelines, and provide recommendations in order to reduce cost or enhance package quality. This team will continue to work on your project past the point of delivery, ensuring that all needs were met, and making improvement recommendations for ongoing business opportunities.