Vertical Integration

One of the advantages of choosing Artistic Carton as a partner is that we are a family owned company, with all the advantages of a large company. Operating a 100% recycled paperboard mill is one of those key advantages. This not only gives us the ability to meet timing and cost demands for specific projects, but also furthers our mission to provide environmentally friendly packaging.

Every day, the White Pigeon Paper Company converts 10 truckloads of consumer material into premium recycled paperboard. This equates to over 70,000 tons of waste diverted from landfills annually. Additionally, White Pigeon uses a closed water system, eliminating its dependence on outside water resources, and preserving the surrounding water supply from contaminants that may result in the paper-making process. For more information on White Pigeon Paper Company, please click here.

Environmentally Compliant Materials

Environmentally Compliant Materials Artistic Carton has a firm commitment to use environmentally compliant materials. From the 100% recycled material offered by our own paper mill, or the variety of other materials required for our client packaging, Artistic Carton ensures that the material can be recycled and that it meets environmental regulations. This takes into account not only the paperboard required for the job, but also inks, coatings, foil and window material.

One of the great benefits of using recycled materials is that they will save you money. Please click here to contact our customer service department for more information on our materials, and discussing cost saving solutions.

Meeting the Need

In order to meet the requests of a diverse client base, Artistic Carton continues to invest in people, equipment, and processes. The outcome is a wide variety of capabilities, which include…

  • Award-Winning Structural Design and Graphic Management, including sample making, printed prototypes, and full service pre-press solutions.
  • Printing Capabilities that offer up to 10 Color printing, and the option to print 3 color back side printing in one pass.
  • Combination printing for multiple versions of the same carton size.
  • Specialty coatings including matte/gloss UV, textured, soft touch, pearlescent, and scented.
  • Complete Carton Finishing Services which include laminating, embossing, foil stamping, window application, folding, and gluing.
  • Fulfillment options that include collating, kitting, and shrink wrapping capabilities.

Efficient Engineering

In addition to the use of environmental materials and process, Sustainability also requires efficient engineering. Many hands will touch our cartons, in our production process, at the facility where they are packed, and in most cases on a store shelf. It is important for us to map that trail at the beginning of each project to make sure that our carton meets the requirements for promoting, packaging, and protecting your product. This starts with efficient design.

Our team will review the parameters specific to your product, and structurally design a carton that uses the optimal amount of material, both in overall size and thickness. This is determined by how visible you want your product, how well it needs to be protected, and how it is being displayed. Artistic Carton knows there is a balance between removing excess material from the process, and providing a package sharper than the competition. Involving our team from the start will result in the most cost effective and efficiently engineered package for your product.